Griffith Hill Farm offers you the freshest selection of local, home-grown flowers. Find our seasonal flower selections in retail locations throughout Bucks County, PA.

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 Our Flowers

Early spring tulips, mid-summer lisinthus, and late summer dahlias—we hope to have you covered during every season. By minimizing the transport and wait time of flower delivery by cutting and distributing directly to local florists, DIY brides, and wholesale distributors, we provide the freshest quality flowers and greens straight from our farm into your home, studio, or warehouse. See what we are growing this year.

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Our Story

Founded by mother and daughter, Tina and Julia, Griffith Hill Farm is not just a farm. It is a journey—one of pursuing passions, delighting in the fruits of the labor, and exciting in what nature can provide. We hope you join us on this journey and support our mission to supply the freshest flowers with the longest vase life to our local community.

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